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Site Survey and Professional Consulting

Step 1

We start every project by conducting a professional and detailed site survey.

The data collected during the site survey is key to a successful and flawless project:

  • Our experienced consultant will use it to help you select the appropriate sign for your business based on your location, Visibility of your premises, zoning rules and regulations and many other factors.

  • Our design and engineering department depends on it to create the most effective visual message using the right colors and contrast, the correct material and the appropriate dimensions and more important meet the specs required by the client, the landlord and the local jurisdiction.

  • Our permitting department strongly utilizes all the information provided in addition to the drawing generated by our design department to procure a sign permit in a timely manner with a minimum or no delays.

  • Our production and installation team usually appreciate an accurate and detailed site survey since it helps them prepare for a flowless installation and make any necessary adjustment and alteration before the sign leaves the shop.

During this step, our consultant works with you to provide you with a solution that, not only fulfills your business needs, but also fits you budget. 

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